When considering a business development program, a lot is put in to consideration. Business development, is often associated as a method to solely targeting sales. It is much deeper than that. It involves continuously engaging industry players, customers, teams and departments. Understanding, the ins and outs of the organisation. Networking and ensuring that players are content, by constantly listening to feedback and making changes accordingly. This information received is invaluable to the growth of an organisation. It tries to eliminate redundancy and complacency within a company.

Joining a development program, you not only add value to your business but gain important skills. It allows you to not only identify your competitive advantage, but to navigate smoothly within the industry. You get to study markets and industries. Learn to anticipate change, as they are constantly changing. Learn how to maintain relationships. Competitive advantage involves, knowing what your current organisations possess that the others do not. This is the core of business development that allows organisations to set the direction they want their organisation to take. It also allows organisations to identify their position within their industry and benchmark it with others.

Business development program, walks you through organisational clarity, and its long-term value to an organisation. Building teams, delegating and understanding organisational roles. Differences between marketing and selling. Maintaining and identifying lucrative and collaborative relationships within the industry. Identifying key industry players and their associates, for effective networking and bench-marking.

By using business development as a tool to enhance a company, it allows organisations to focus on the best practices allows for rapid growth. When a niche is identified, a company works towards researching and segmenting the niche. Learning their likes and dislikes, in order to effectively deliver their product or service. Taking feedback as a tool for growth and improvement assists and organisation to transition and change accordingly.