Focus is the magic word when it comes to business development. In order for a business to succeed they need goals. These goals are often related to the intentions of an organization. Companies are often created to solve a problem or close the gap in the market. Some industries do the same thing and not much has changed in their industries. Industries are often affected by the current economy. In order for an organization to stay relevant, their goals need to be realistic and should be followed through accordingly. It should be straight-forward but also leave room for flexibility, given the undeniable fact that change is constant.

Considering that business development involves identifying all aspects of an organization. Organizations are as good as their corporate strategy. The strategy is usually identified during business development process. Allowing time for corporations or business owners, to clearly define their operations. Apart from identifying operations, it also identifies the companies organizational structure and hierarchy.

Its function is to identify the core function of an organization. Its goals, direction it wants to operate and its values. It acts as a guide and allows the organization to forecast and work towards its goals. In some cases, it identifies the type of employees that work for them. A good corporate strategy also connects potential clients and potential employees to the organization. If a company does not have a sound strategy that appeals to a potential client or employee, it may deter people from working with or buying from the company. Especially, through how it identifies itself through indicating the aim, vision and mission of the company. In some cases, it also indicates the growth that the organization has experienced over the years. Some contain growth charts and turnover over the years, clients they have successfully worked with and collaborated with.