is a management consultation firm specializing in organizational development, change, leadership and planning in complicated and complex environments.

Random House best seller: “Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed”
by Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman and Michael Patton

Getting to Maybe is thoughtful, insightful, sobering and inspirational …. Anyone from the business, government or not-for-profit world who wants to understand change better, and change the way things are, should read this book.”¬†¬†Courtney Pratt, chairman of Stelco Inc.


Change-Ability works with clients to prepare for possible futures, to sharpen strategic management skills, to help build leaderful organizations.

Our consultation services address intractable and emergent problems for staff leaders and board members. Keynote presentations and workshops make complexity science accessible, helping organizations to recognize and practice disruptive innovation, to develop and implement “min specs”, to let go of dated programs and assumptions, and to accelerate organizational learning and improvement cycles.

From scenario planning assignments to a review of governance practices, generative thinking is at the core of our keynote presentations, consultation and leadership development work.