Building a business requires various skills. Understanding the industry is key, learning how to anticipate change within the market. It requires knowing the requirements of the company or industry. Being innovative, as well as observant enough to recognize a shift in the industry. Business developers, must constantly be aware of the industry environment. Have their ear on the ground be open to connecting with industry heavy weights. Continuously learning and researching on industry changes, trends and practices. Constantly communicating, implementing and designing viable strategies towards their company’s. Having a business developer in today’s business world, is necessary in order for companies to keep up.

Business developers’ roles also include building relationships within industries and lead the company in relevant practices within the industry. The role is challenging, but highly rewarding to companies. Creating strategies is also another role that business developers play within their organizations. Maintaining relationships, as well as working closely with different departments within an organization.

A business requires teamwork from all levels, co-ordination allows a business developer to not only understand their role but the core of their organization. The information that the they receive is used to create, long-term value. Not only do they help improve a company’s market position; but they assist in projecting and steering financial growth. Thus, they are able to gauge the financial risks that their organization is considering and inform them whether it will be profitable or not.

Information in relation to finance, industry changes and trends allows the business developer to provide an effective market strategy research, marketing and sales. Coordination with various departments is key in order for the strategy to be executed correctly. In some cases, a business developer is required to manage clients. Managing clients can be rewarding, the information they provide as existing clients is invaluable. Their feedback allows for the organization to continue growing and developing.